BusinessTech Tuesdays

Mentorship is not Optional

by: Zank, CEO of Bennett Data Science Mentorship is probably the single most important source of outside help I’ve ever received. I spent 10 years at a big consulting company and I worked for a wonderful man, Duane. He was…
November 5, 2019
data testingTech Tuesdays

The Power of Efficient A/B Testing

A/B testing is such an important step in product development because it’s directly tied to revenue. Data-driven companies know this. They run thousands of tests concurrently and even have teams that develop in-house systems for monitoring all these tests. It’s…
October 15, 2019
BusinessTech Tuesdays

Resist the Algorithms

by: Zank, CEO of Bennett Data Science I took this photo a couple of weeks ago. As a person who has spent years writing algorithms to help people, the back-window writing struck me as a very powerful and interesting statement.…
October 1, 2019
data diversityTech Tuesdays

Loss and the Importance of Diversity

Last week, we lost a great data scientist and a friend of mine, Elizabeth (Liz) Boshardy. Liz lived in Chicago and was on the team I managed at Trunk Club for a little over two years. She died last Saturday;…
September 24, 2019
data simulationTech Tuesdays

Need More Data? Simulate it

Don’t have enough data for that new A.I. initiative? Simulate some. Let’s take a look at why that can be advantageous and when you might want to simulate big piles of data rather than waiting for all those clicks or visits…
September 17, 2019
hacking computerTech Tuesdays

The Benefit of Hackathons and how to Hold one

Hackathons are good for your team. A well-run hackathon can provide myriad benefits: opportunities for blue-sky thinking, cross-functional engagement, and the most important, moments of fun and play. Yes, play, that same feeling you got when you turned the corner…
August 27, 2019