Zank Bennett


BS Bioengineering, MSE Electrical & Computer Engineering

Zank launched his Data Science career in 1999, with the vision that data and analytics could make the internet, and the world, a better place for businesses and their customers. He is one of America’s pioneers and top innovators in the Data Science space, and has made a career of using data to help companies from early-stage startups to the Fortune top ranks solve their complex business problems.

Andrii Volkov

Head of Data Science

BS Business Engineering, MS Business Engineering with a specialization in Data Science.

An expert practitioner, Andrii began in research and teaching activities at the prestigious Ghent University in Belgium, which runs one of the first and most reputable Data Science and Big Data programs worldwide. Andrii has authored publications in leading academic journals and has successfully lead multiple data science projects across different sectors, including NGOs, energy retailing, finance, digital security, pharmaceuticals and personal healthcare.