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Mentorship is not Optional

by: Zank, CEO of Bennett Data Science Mentorship is probably the single most important source of outside help I’ve ever received. I spent 10 years at a big consulting company and I worked for a wonderful man, Duane. He was…
November 5, 2019

How Popularity can Kill Personalization

Popularity has become its own justification. - Jonathan Franzen by: Zank, CEO of Bennett Data Science We all know that popular items sell well, because, well, they’re popular! But there’s a downside to recommending most-popular products or content to your users…
March 6, 2019

Data Science in Two Sentences

by: Zank, CEO of Bennett Data Science Companies build products, and in the process generate tons of data. Data science uses that data to make companies more profitable. So there it is, in two sentences; in theory anyway. That’s actually a…
January 9, 2019