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Is that Data Science Company a Fake?

Today’s newsletter is a reaction to an article, How to Recognize A.I. snake oil. The author writes about the large and growing number of fake A.I. claims companies are making. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be quite difficult to tell real…
January 14, 2020
SpeedometerTech Tuesdays

A.I. and Highway Speed Traps

When you’re driving down the street in your car (or it’s driven by A.I., if you’re reading this in the near future) and you want to know if you’re speeding, you look at the speedometer. Pretty simple. That’s a measurement…
January 7, 2020
Bandwith Close UpTech Tuesdays

Machine Learning is Dead

Companies are moving away from machine learning, quickly. We see it every day; companies are leveraging the power of deep learning - that subset of A.I. based on neural networks that were designed to mimic how our brains learn and…
December 17, 2019
Is Your Data Holding You Back?Tech Tuesdays

Is Your Data Holding You Back?

Want to know what holds projects back? Access to good, clean and reliable data. Sure, it makes sense - we’ve got to get that new product or feature out, and like yesterday. But this isn’t endlessly sciencing away in the…
December 10, 2019
The Surveillance EconomyTech Tuesdays

The Surveillance Economy

Do you ever think about how you might be uniquely identified in a huge database of other people/customers? For example, in the United States, we have social security numbers. Each person gets a uniquely identifiable number. Personal email addresses are…
December 3, 2019