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Tech Tuesdays: The Controversy of Black Boxes

A "black-box system” refers to a predictive model that produces an output with no way for the operator or end-user to understand what was done “inside” the box. Black-box (or unexplainable) models are more and more commonly used these days,…
November 17, 2020
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Tech Tuesdays – Please, Excel Isn’t a Database

Take a look at the title of this article by the Associated Press (link): “Britain’s missing 16,000 coronavirus cases thought linked to use of Excel spreadsheets for tracking”. And here’s why: "‘Glitch’ believed to be connected to ‘well-known’ file size…
October 20, 2020
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Mentorship is not Optional

by: Zank, CEO of Bennett Data Science Mentorship is probably the single most important source of outside help I’ve ever received. I spent 10 years at a big consulting company and I worked for a wonderful man, Duane. He was…
November 5, 2019