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We are a boutique data science firm marked by our ingenuity, our expertise, and our no-nonsense, no-jargon approach.

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Data Driven is the New Normal

Data science is an exciting field with capabilities to revolutionize business. Today, products backed by data driven expertise are becoming the norm, not the exception. To keep up in today’s business atmosphere, you need a product roadmap that includes strong competencies around data science. Our services include:

Data is your most precious resource

Yet many companies struggle to collect, understand, analyze and act upon the gold mine they are sitting on. We come alongside of you to envision what is possible, determine what makes sense for your business, and create an achievable data strategy.

You’re good, but you want to be better

We’re here for you. Whether you need help creating algorithms to improve customer retention, or are desperate to make sense of unstructured data, we provide help developing the specific data science capabilities your team needs.

Have a product, website, or app that you’d love to see benefit from the power of data science?

Our best-in-class team of data scientists and developers are here to make it happen. Here are a few ways we’ve helped customers in the past:

Built a powerful product recommender to increase sales and drive greater retention
Increase the efficacy of your on-boarding process so you get more, and more highly qualified leads.
Built an intelligent churn model to discover the reasons users are leaving and retain them before they do.
Segment your users so you know where and when to spend marketing or outreach resources.

We Bring Data Science to Life

We have a strong understanding of cutting-edge data science methods. But that’s only part of a solution to your data problems. Data science methodologies are most effective when applied to strategic business and product initiatives. We help translate data science know-how into better products and initiatives for your business.

Before Bennett Data Science

Data science combines complex analyses, model building and expert capabilities to produce predictive analytics from big data. That’s complicated stuff!
We make it easier…

With Bennett Data Science

We care about bridging the gap between predictive analytics and your product, taking away the technical jargon and focusing on driving revenue for your business. That’s the most important part of data science.

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Zank is an expert in data science and really knows how to make difficult topics easy to understand. His ability to explain and present complicated data kept the students engaged and simplified the learning process.

Dirk van den PoelProfessor of Data Analytics/Big Data at Ghent University

Zank always wants to know the business goals because he cares about his ability and his team's ability to impact the business. This is his measurement of success which means he always proactively ensures alignment while in a role where it's very easy to get stuck in the weeds.

Darrius ThompsonCEO & Co-founder SweetLabs

Zank has gone through the long process of digesting and synthesizing bits of information to help himself and others develop a solid, intuitive understanding of data science.

Trevor GileProject Manager, SAIC

[Zank] not only knows all the nuts and bolts from the technical perspective, but also has a deep understanding of the business needs with a clear goal of delivering revenue-driven data support to the whole company.

Wenjia ZhuAnalyst, LinkedIn

My favorite thing about Zank is how easily he conveys difficult technical topics, step by step. He's gotten me past tough technical roadblocks more than a few times and always left me with a clear understanding of the central concepts.

Mike NewtonOwner, Hacking Photography

Zank is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. He is able to explain technical and complex things in a way that’s very easy to understand. Due to this insight, we are able to make informed product decisions. With kindness and empathy, Zank is truly a joy to work with.

Bryan SleiterProduct Designer at Intercom

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